May 17, 2018

Prof. Dr. Bogdan Dimitriu <br><br>Endodontics and Esthetics – Connections 17:30  -  18:00 Prof. Dr. Bogdan Dimitriu <br><br>Endodontics and Esthetics – Connections Hall 2

Prof. Dr. Bogdan Dimitriu

Endodontics and Esthetics – Connections

Contemporary endodontics is currently responsible and involved in the esthetic approach from many perspectives. Clinical management of situations characterized by significant loss of dental hard tissues often requires the selection and application of endodontic posts. This, as well as the restoration of the nonvital tooth, are correlated with both the instrumentation method and the type and materials from which the root canal filling is made, thus creating the premises allowing the application of the endodontic monoblock concept. Tooth whitening, on the other hand, address either vital teeth, with the need to test and monitor pre- and post-operative pulp vitality, or nonvital teeth, for which the treatment approach is obviously an endodontic one. The direct involvement of the endodontist can be thus ascertained, his beeing considered to be the decision and even the necessity of applying the integrated treatment, from strict endodontic approach to aesthetically predicted outcome.

Session Category :  17 May  Conference