May 18, 2018

Dr. Josef Kunkela<br><br>Power of BIOCOPY 16:30  -  18:00 Dr. Josef Kunkela<br><br>Power of BIOCOPY Hall 1

Dr. Josef Kunkela

Power of BIOCOPY

Until very recently the esthetic result of the frontal region lay solely on the lab technician. To give a restoration its natural shape is a feat not easily achieved even by even the most skilled of technicians, due to the limitations set by the creative part of the human brain. This part of the brain allows us to create one (99% of people), maximum two (remaining 1%) natural algorithm of teeth which each dentist and technician uses on all of his patients.

Through the advancements in digital dentistry we no longer rely on the manual imitation of nature, but we can now directly copy it.

The focus of the authors lecture will be on three different techniques used to copy the natural shapes of teeth.


  1. THE RECYCLE technique allows us to record the original shape and surface of of the teeth even before the patient may need any restorations. Aquisition – Scan the patient upon registration together with with OPG or an intra-oral RTG.


  1. THE STRETCH technique uses patient’s present situation in cases of diastema or tremas in the frontal region by simply symmetrically enlarging their natural teeth and thus also maintaining their natural surface structure.


  1. THE DATABASE of many different natural algorithms of teeth (oval, square, triangular,…..) are ready to use, with the help of the golden rules of digital smile designs in the cases when you do not have the patient’s initial scan or you require major changes.

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