May 18, 2018

Dr. Galip Gurel <br><br>Digital Communication / The Implant- Prostho Connection 11:30  -  13:00 Dr. Galip Gurel <br><br>Digital Communication / The Implant- Prostho Connection Hall 1

Dr. Galip Gurel

Digital Communication / The Implant- Prostho Connection

Modern techniques and materials can be useless if the final outcome does not live up to the patient esthetic expectations.

It has always been a challange to create a smile design that the final result would be precisely predicted from day one.. in some cases the dentists do built this design by themselves directly in the patients mouth, however some leave it to the ceramist that they work with.. however more importantly this smile design should also match with the patient’s functional, biological and emotional needs…

To obtain such results we need an interdisciplinary team work. Every member of the team (including the specialists, lab technicians and the patient) should be aware of the treatment planning and the end result from the beginning . Having all the above done correctly, major component for the success remains “communication”. The key to the aesthetic excellence requires patient communication as well as the communication with the laboratory and the specialists from the beginning of the case till the end.

This becomes even more challenging if the team ( dentist, specialists and the ceramist) do not physicaly work together in the same place.

The protocol that is presented will improve the esthetic diagnosis, the interdisciplinary communication and the predictability of anterior aesthetic implant restorations.

Today, it souldn’t be a problem wether the lab, the specialist ect. that you work with is close to your clinic or it is in another country, the digital communication makes everyone work as a synergistic team .

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