May 18, 2018

Dr. Shiraz Khan<br><br>Anterior Adhesive Aesthetics. 12:00  -  13:00 Dr. Shiraz Khan<br><br>Anterior Adhesive Aesthetics. Hall 2

Dr. Shiraz Khan

Anterior Adhesive Aesthetics.

Modern day techniques in adhesive dentistry have provided anterior teeth with many options when considering restoration.
This lecture aims to discuss adhesive techniques that can be employed to restore anterior teeth. These are discussed in order of minimal intervention,  starting from resin infiltration, through to the latest long-term bisacryl provisional restoration.

  • discuss the relevance of adhesive dentistry in modern practice.
  • minimal intervention with resin infiltration.
  • anterior composite restorative techniques.
  • convention anterior crown and veneer restorations
  • discussion of novel longer-term provisional restorations.

Session Category :  18 May  Conference