May 19, 2018

Dr. Serhat Koken<br><br>Create your own composite masterpieces 10:30  -  11:30 Dr. Serhat Koken<br><br>Create your own composite masterpieces Hall 1

Dr. Serhat Koken

Create your own composite masterpieces

The rapid innovation of composite material in the last decade and the availability of various types of composites has given today’s clinician an extremely convenient and cost effective tool for their practice. Direct composites provide the clinician with the ability to provide excellent aesthetic results with minimal tooth destruction in a very ef<icient manner. In this lecture, you will be shown how to achieve excellent aesthetic standards in your everyday dentistry using
direct chairside composites. The course will cover clinical aspects of the anterior composite from choosing the correct shades to preparation tips, layering composites, and tricks on finishing and polishing. Handling composites correctly can provide excellent aesthetic outcomes, which will be shown using case examples in this lecture.

Using the palatal shell created from a silicone index and layering dentin shade on this palatal shell is a worldwide known technique. However, many clinicians are facing some difficulties. You will be shown how to layer with maximum 2 or 3 shades to have life looking restorations. Further, the focus will be on <inishing and polishing procedures to have both texture and lustre on created super<icial enamel which may compete with ceramic restoration.

Session Category :  19 May  Conference