DT Alessandro Arnone

DT Alessandro Arnone

Dental Technician

Certified member at ESCD

Odt. Arnone Alessandro was born in Milan 6 April 1981.
He graduated dental technician in 2000 at the Institute Ipsia Vasco Mainardi Milano.
He collaborates with laboratory Chiodini Mario in Legnano from 2000-2004, with whom he studied, through courses theoretical and practical knowledge of function and aesthetics Morphology according to the school’s professor Anibal A. Alonso.
Since 2003 he worked with his father Arnone Ferruccio and they founded the Laboratory Arnone
s.n.c. in Milan.
2011 participates in the European competition “Parallelometer Gold “, where it ranks in 3rd place, won the 1st prize for the “ Creation by Willi Geller “ competition “PERFECT & BEAUTY” and Mr Willi Geller for the occasion gives the award, also receives the award for the best documentation of the case. He attended several courses with International Professional Level.
publishes articles on Teamwork media, Delntal Dialogue , Quintessenza Odontotecnica and Labline.
In 2014 it is certified as a member of the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry ESCD.
He has done as supervisor for the Demo, practical courses and conferences at National and International level.