Dr. Anthony Mak

Dr. Anthony Mak


Dr Anthony Mak graduated with multiple awards from the University of Sydney in 2002. He then went on to complete his Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (Oral Implants).

Dr Mak is one of Australia’s most sought after speaker, especially in the field of digital and restorative dentistry. He has lectured extensively in Australia, New Zealand and across Asia; and his hands-on workshops have gained such popularity that they are almost always booked out soon after registrations open. He is also gaining great popularity on the European and US circuit.

Anthony is the author of two compelling compendiums detailing direct composite and indirect ceramic restorations, the clinical photography and documentations can only be described as exceptional. He has published numerous case studies and articles for local and international dental bodies and associations.

Anthony’s interest lies in dental technologies, advances in materials and techniques; and he has a unique understanding of CAD-CAM digital dentistry.

Anthony runs two practices in metropolitan Sydney, focusing on quality modern comprehensive care, including aesthetic and implant dentistry. He is also a clinical consultant and key opinion leader for several global dental companies focusing on development of new dental technologies.


Using digital dentistry to create predicable esthetics

Creating esthetics in dentistry involves meticulous planning, vision of the final outcome, and execution of clinical scenario to achieve a long lasting harmonious result for the patient.
The utilisation of digital technologies to aid the field of esthetic restorative and implant dentistry is fast becoming the norm in the everyday dental practice. However, the implementation and application of these technologies in the workflows of restorative and implant dentistry can be challenging and, at times, frustrating.
The aim of this lecture is to highlight some of the key features in improving the digital workflows in esthetic restorative and implant dentistry to ensure more predictable and repeatable outcomes.
New and emerging trends that will further improve existing digital workflows and the management of more challenging cases will also be discussed.