Dentsply Sirona Key opinion leader


Dr. Bogdan Oprea was born in 1969 in Sibiu He graduateĀ the Faculty of Dentistry Targu MuresĀ in 1994.

2003 – master degree

2008 – PhD in Health Sciences of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hatieganu” from Cluj Napoca.

2015 – ISCD certified CEREC trainer

His a founding member and president of the Association of Dental Learning.

He taught over 90 postgraduate training courses, in collaboration with various professional associations nationwide and over 50 conferences in congresses or other scientific meetings.

He has published two books as first author and is coauthor of six books in the field of prosthodontics.


Implementation of 3D technologies in everyday practice

The evolution of digital technology (3D) in the field of dentistry made possible a real change in the way we practice dentistry. In recent years, more and more dental treatments are done either through a complete digital stream or through a combination of 3D technology and classical (analogous) techniques. We can say that we live a similar time to the one during the industrial revolution. The changes that are already existing in dentistry are amazing. Dental medicine will show you less and less what is currently being learned in universities and will evolve into a new stage where artificial intelligence will probably be a dominant element. For this reason, we believe that the integration of digital technologies in both private dental practices and in the educational system will allow to those who choose this path not to be “the victims of change” but to be active participants to change. During this conference, the lecturers will illustrate, through various clinical cases, how dental medicine can be put into practice through a fully digital workflow. 3D images (CBCT), CAD CAM technology, 3D printers, computerized occlusion analysis systems are just a few of the technologies that ultimately change the way we do dental practice for the benefit of the patient and offices / clinics where we practice.