Daniele Rondoni

Daniele Rondoni

Dental Technician

EAED and IAED Active Member.

Opened his laboratory in 1982, where he has also based the AAT Community College he founded. He’s a counsellor for the University of Milan, University of Chieti, University of Sienna and University of Rome Tor Vergata.
EAED and IAED Active Member.
International Instructor for KURARAY NORITAKE Dental Materials.
He’s particularly devoted to the study of morphology and dental aesthetics, he actively collaborates to the development of materials used for aesthetic dental
Author of the text “Tecnica della Multistratificazione in ceramica” (Ceramic Multilayering Technique) and of a lab manual about the use of composite materials,
introducing his own method, named “Inverted Hardness Layering System”.
He’s among the contributors to “LAYERS, an atlas of composite resin stratification” by Manauta – Salat, Quintessence Publishing.
When Art meets Technology: logical evolution of design and techniques

Aesthetics is nowadays the most important request from patients side.
To obtain the ideal prosthetic solution the white aesthetics is fundamental, but to reach the perfect harmony, the individual and natural reproduction of the gingival texture is important, as far as is considered the “aesthetic frame” of dental restoration.
Materials evolution and new technologies like cad-cam, linked to the traditional know-how of the technician, allows to achieve a proper solutions also for complex cases through planning of the ideal procedures. Such combinations make it vital to perfectly know work protocols that allow to fully exploit the technological potential available in lab as well as the aesthetic versatility of such new generation materials.
Working protocols become fundamental to make the best out of both materials and technology, while confirming the wellestablished dental technician’s artistry.
– New generation materials
– Design and selections
– Ideal protocol to work
– Clinical cases experience