Didier Crescenzo

Didier Crescenzo

Dental Technician

Author of very numerous conferences and clinical publications and laboratory (BMC, RC, QRIPD, LABLINE etc).

Hélène and Didier Crescenzo, managers of two laboratories of prostheses joined in 2004 to develop the laboratory Esthetic Oral, in the Gulf of Saint Tropez, specialized in dental esthetics.
They are authors of very numerous conferences and clinical publications and laboratory (BMC, RC, QRIPD, LABLINE etc).
Both persons in charge of the section laboratory of prosthesis of the magazine BioMateriaux Cliniques, Information Dentaire, then in the selection panel of the magazine QDRP.
They are for 7 years the designers and the trainers of a system of esthetic digitized, the VEP (Virtual Esthetic Project). Their understanding of our two occupations place them unmistakably at the top of the art.

The virtual esthetic project VEP. To increase the precision in communication with the laboratory. For a better esthetic analysis.

Abstract: The virtual project is a tool inescapable in the modern dentistry. The topic will be how to avoid the traps of an erroneous virtual project presented to the patient and received in the laboratory. On this occasion they will present you the study of the VEP under miscellaneous esthetic clinical situations and conservative dentistry all realized by a teamwork with the cooperation of various disciplines dentist, orthodontic, parodontologie to optimize the last stage, the prosthodontics.