Djemal Ibraimi

Djemal Ibraimi

Dental Technician

Member of Bio-Emulation International group

Born in 1981 in Zhitoshe, in the Albanian part of FYROM. At 2 years old , he emigre in Switzerland where he does all of his school. He obtained Certificate of Dental Technician in 2002. 7 months later recovers a dental laboratory specialised in metallurgy. After 8 years of removable prosthesis, decided to specialise in fixed prosthesis. In the last 6 years he focused only in cosmetic dentistry. In 2012 he became the first dog member out of the United States. In 2014, becomes key opinion leader for GC. He made the calendar for GC in 2015 and 2016. In 2016 he becomes a member of Bio-Emulation International group. He tests different products for GC : LiSi ceramics, Lisi press and Gradia Plus. Participates in the first test of the polar _eyes, visual_eyes, white_balance and eLABor_aid system form Bio Emulation.


Emulating nature: going the distance from observation to daily application

Let nature be your guide !

Based on the Bio Emulation model clinicians and technicians should strive to restitute to the full Histo-Anatomic sickness of the given tissue with proper spatial ordering, simultaneously optimising both functional and optical integration. Yet the lack of standardisation amongst dental restorative materials has led to a paradox of choice, which in turn has created several dichotomies with regards to restorative strategies. An exploration of the fundamentals of visual_synthesys will serve as the foundation in our quest for restorative emulation and seamless integration in daily technical application.