Dr. Aleksandr Lysov

Dr. Aleksandr Lysov

International Speaker

Lysov Aleksandr Dmitrievich.

Dentist-surgeon, implantologist, orthopedist.

Chief doctor of the dental clinic “DAS”.

Assistant of the Postgraduate Education Medical University “Reaviz” Dentistry Department.

Member of the Dental Association of Russia.

Chairman of private practitioners’ section at the Dental Association of Samara Region.

Board Member of the Russian Division of the International Scientific and Research Center “MINEC”.

In 2001 he graduated from Samara SamGMU (Samara State Medical University).

From 2001 to 2003 he performed a clinical internship at the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery and Dentistry at Samara State Medical University.

In 2010 he took a postgraduate dental education course at New York University.

Experience in implantology is over 15 years.

Masters basic and advanced surgical and orthopedic techniques used in dental implantation. The author of the digital navigation concept of implant-based treatment of DDS (Digital Date Save) and a number of methods for skeletal augmentation of soft tissues in the area of ​​dental implant suprastructures. Specializes in high-precision and low-impact methods of rehabilitation of patients with the help of implants. Actively applies digital technologies in combination with soft tissue management in his clinical practice, to achieve the predictable highly aesthetic and functional result of implant treatment.
Participate and acts as a speaker at Russian and international professional events (congresses, symposia, theoretical and practical training, programs of continuous postgraduate dental education).

Author of nine patents of the Russian Federation and seven scientific articles on morphology, implantology and soft tissue augmentation. Co-author of the book “Minimally Invasive & More Efficient Implant Treatment with AnyRidge System”
Winner of two national and three international competitions of professional skills in the field of surgical and orthopedic dentistry.


Minimally invasive achievement of aesthetic outcome with dental implantation. Frame augmentation of soft tissues.

The long-term functional success of implant treatment depends on the stability of the bone tissue in the area of ​​dental implant platforms. The aesthetic result is achieved due to well-formed soft tissues in the peri-implant area. In addition, soft tissue creates a buffer zone, which provides biological and mechanical protection of the underlying bone tissue.
Thus, it is necessary to achieve not only the osteointegration of the dental implant, but also the integration of soft tissues around its suprastructure.
The author proposal to the professional community is to discuss the feasibility of using a new term – muco-gingival integration of dental implants.
The report will discuss three key criteria necessary for muco-gingival integration, and the ways to achieve them. The concept of low-impact digital navigation implant treatment using DDS will be introduced. The author will present his concept of the soft tissue skeleton augmentation used to form a protective buffer zone in the area of ​​the dental implant suprastructures and achieve a highly aesthetic result of implant treatment.