Dr. Ian Buckle

Dr. Ian Buckle


Dr. Ian Buckle is the Director of The Dawson Academy UK and a senior faculty member at The Dawson Academy.



Dr. Ian Buckle

Director, The Dawson Academy UK

Dr. Ian Buckle is the Director of The Dawson Academy UK and a senior faculty member at The Dawson Academy.

Dr. Buckle lectures nationally and internationally on functional and aesthetic dentistry. He is involved directly with the hands-on courses of the Core Curriculum, seminars and study clubs and provides continuing education to dental professionals more recently across Europe. He spends approximately two-thirds of his time in practice and the other third as an educator. He believes this balance keeps him on the leading edge of both disciplines.

Ian qualified from Liverpool University in 1985. He has over 30 years experience in general practice both in the private sector and with the National Health Service. As a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD), British Dental Association (BDA) and Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) he completes over 100 hours of postgraduate education every year.

Ian runs a private practice in the picturesque village of Thornton Hough on the Wirral concentrating on comprehensive reconstructive, aesthetic and implant dentistry. His practice is the UK facility for The Dawson Academy and is located in a renovated 17th century sandstone barn.


A Complete Digital Workflow for Complete Dentistry

Digital workflows keep evolving and we get new tools that change the way we work and restore our patients. When it comes to digital workflows we have lots of different tools that are provided from different manufacturers, companies and producers – what should we consider when going fully digital? Today we have possibilities to incorporate our design directly into the patient mouth or face at the time we design the new smile.

This makes my life so much easier, more predictable and more efficient. We have the one tool we need in front of our eyes so why not use it. This lecture will demonstrate how to use the digital tools and incorporate them in complete dentistry from simple case to the most complicated ones.