Dr. Ilya Sklyarov

Dr. Ilya Sklyarov


Dr. Ilya Sklyarov graduated from the Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University in 1998.
In 2003 he received a Ph.D. degree in medicine and won the competition for aesthetic restoration.
In 2005 in cooperation with Margarita Kushnir founded SmileClinic.

Dr. Sklyarov is the only dentist from Russia who received a mentor’s degree at the international dental training center «Kois Center» in USA. His articles are constantly published in Russian and foreign professional journals. He truly loves aesthetic dentistry and the process of creating beautiful smiles for his patients. He is the recognized as a leader of the SmileClinic team.


Risk assessment and prognosis for esthetic rehabilitations.

Quantity of esthetic rehabs grow every year. Do we have any prognostic parameters for decision making about risks and prognosis for these type of rehabs? Or it all about our sense of art and intuition? I think we have these parameters and show how we plan our cases.