Prof. Dr. Danimir Jevremović

Prof. Dr. Danimir Jevremović

Prof. Dr.

Danimir Jevremović was born on November, 1978. He graduated School of Dentistry with all highest marks, and became youngest and the best graduate on University of Belgrade, Serbia. During master studies, specialization and PhD thesis he deals with contemporary all ceramics systems, adhesive restoration and principles of minimally invasive dentistry. Known for his artistic understanding of dentistry, he derives prosthodontics as an interference of smile beauty and team talent. He broadens ideas through exchange visits in Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, England and Wales. Since 2017., he is a Chairman of Dental Prosthodontic clinic, Chief of Ethical committee and Head of Department of Clinical Dentistry in School of Dentistry, Pančevo, Serbia. He is author and co-author of numerous scientific publications, participant in international projects, as well as lecturer and demonstrator on domestic and international symposia.


Beauty of digital – new milestone in contemporary dentistry

Today’s dentistry has changed its track. Apart from the well-traced analogue way, digital gauge runs full power ahead. Digitalization is reality and a great success of modern dentistry. It also implements digital photography, video, multimedia and social networks as an integral part of both diagnostic and therapeutical procedures.
With modern multi zirconia and lithium disilicate materials, virtual ideas can be transferred into reality. With the shift to a digital world, we become a part of a global digital dental network, communicating with universal binary language.
This lecture is concentrated on current trend in digital dental ideology, showing beauty of digital communication on patient case.