Smaranda Buduru

Smaranda Buduru

International Speaker

Member of the Prothodontic Department from UMF “Iuliu Hatieganu”.

Dr. Smaranda Buduru is lecturer in Dental Occlusion at the Department of Prothodontics,  Faculty of Dentistry, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hatieganu”, Cluj-Napoca.

She graduated UMF “Iuliu Hatieganu”, class of 1991. In 1995 she gratuated the residency program in General Dentistry, obtaining the Master of Science Degree. In 2000 she obtained the primary doctor degree in General Dentistry.In 2003 she obtained the PhD title in Prosthodontics.  In 2013 she obtained the Master of Science Degree in Prosthodontics.

She is a member of the Prothodontic Department since 1997. Over the time she published several studies and articles. She also published the following books: “The clinical examination of patients with temporomandibular disorder”, “Clinical notions of occlusion”, “Comprehensive esthetic dentistry”, “Incursion în esthetic dentistry”.


Analog or digital: the crossroad

Need or hipsterism?

The digital era in dentistry has come! This can not be considered as the future anymore. The dentist’s questions about this new and exciting field of interest are especially related  to the benefits provided  by the digital tools.

This benefits should meet both  dentists and patients criteria of excellence.

The aim of this conference is to present the same case treated completely digital as well as clasical ” hand-made “. Each stage was compared and time, precision, effort and aesthetic wise evaluated .

What will be the final result of this confrontation?