DT Stefan Picha

DT Stefan Picha

Dental Technician


… my dental way of life …

After my training in the laboratory Snay 1992, I search my path in dental technology. This I found 1996 Michael Heinz Polz and Stefan Schunke. After several years of training in the fields of aesthetics, function and milling in 2002 I did my master examination as an external at the Masters School in Nuremberg.

Since 2009 I am a member of the Master Examination Committee Nuremberg.

Since 2010 self-employed with my own laboratory in Fürth Germany

Since 2015 member of the oral design foundation.


What does we have to consider in a full arch reconstruction. 10 years experience

Treating a patient with a full arch reconstruction is more than just layering nice teeth and a artificial tissue. Everything starts with finding the right position of the teeth. This is the basic for all planing. With this information the dentist, surgeon and technician are able to find the right way to treat the patient good as possible.

Everything bone-, tissue craft or Implant position will be more precise with knowing the right tooth position. We show how to find and how to transfer this in our daily work. We talk about the sense of temporary and the information we can get from. The functional and esthetic point of our work should be clear before we start with the final restoration.

Knowing this, the choice of the material and question how to fix it in the mouth is also not a big deal.

All this together is our experience about the last 10 years. We want to show you wich kind of steps are necessary to get a long therm success.